Ah the joys of being freelance…

It’s either feast or famine when it comes to work. Months during which a day off is a vaguely remembered treat followed by months when you’re mother sends you job advertisements for media officers at local councils.

Many wouldn’t be able to cope with such an insecure and uncertain existence. I guess I’m used to living on the edge, so to speak. The good times have mostly outweighed the bad and, if nothing else, the unpredictability of such a life can open the door to unusual experiences.

At the moment I’m smack bang in the middle of an enjoyable meal that has followed a period of paleo diet restrictions.

The opportunity arose to put together some feature stories on the Southern Stars. That’s the Australian women’s cricket team by the way. If you don’t know who they are that’s probably because… well… they’re women. And, when it comes to media coverage, women’s sport still ranks somewhere below cheese making in the minds of some chiefs in the sports media.

The bonus for me is that, as a result, the Southern Stars squad is full of interesting and often-untold stories (if you’d like to check them out I’ll add the links once I’ve figured out how!). It’s rare anyone is given the freedom to look beyond the “Ooh that Ellyse Perry plays two sports!” angle.

The hardest part of getting through the past month was the lack of time. From the moment the project was approved I had two and a half weeks to plan, schedule and shoot nine feature stories in three states, before the players left for the ICC Women’s World Cup in India. Oh and they were also playing in WNCL semis, finals, a domestic T20 Final and three T20 matches against NZ. And training. And most of them didn’t know their schedules.

Somewhere in the middle of that I was asked to commentate on the T20 internationals and co-host the red carpet at the AB Medal for Cricket Australia’s live stream. Natch.

So… it’s been a little hectic. And by a little I mean I lost 3kg – who needs that paleo plan?!

I’ve had just enough time this week to attend the new NRL referees’ boss Daniel Anderson’s presentation of the new rules and interpretations (yes I know I’m a nerd), prep for an edit of a feature for The Golf Show on Fox Sports, and do 564 loads of washing. That last bit may be a slight exaggeration.

Tomorrow I’m off to Alice Springs for a week to cover the Imparja Cup – the national indigenous cricket tournament. I should probably pack, but hey – I like living on the edge.

I’m not really sure how this blog will evolve – it may follow the pattern of my work life: either there’s a lot happening or not much at all! This is just an introduction more than anything. But hopefully there’ll be one or two people out there who’ll find my ramblings and reminiscing vaguely interesting.

Even if it’s just my mum. It may distract her from looking up job ads.